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How To Contact Coinmetro Support

Coinmetro Help Center

Millions of traders from all around the world have trusted Coinmetro as a broker. If you have a question, there is a good chance that someone else has asked it before, and Coinmetro’s FAQ is fairly comprehensive.

Simply head to the bottom of any Coinmetro page (excluding Exchange, Margin and Copy Trading), and select Help Center underneath the support section. Now, search for your issue and you may find your answer in one of our Help Center articles.

How To Contact Coinmetro Support

Our 24/7 Live Customer Support Team

Additionally, you can get in touch with our outstanding live customer support service, which is available to you every day of the week, 24/7. Depending on whether you are signed into your account or not, there are a number various ways you can get in touch with our customer service staff.


If you’re logged into your account - from your Coinmetro Dashboard, click on your profile icon in the top-right corner. Then, from the dropdown menu click Support. From here you can start a chat with one of our Customer Support Specialists, or take a look through the Coinmetro Help Center.

How To Contact Coinmetro Support

Coinmetro Mobile App

1. After login to Coinmetro Platform, Click on the More menu in the lower right-hand corner.
How To Contact Coinmetro Support
2. Then, click on Support.
How To Contact Coinmetro Support
From here, you can start an instant chat with our customer support team. The team will respond within minutes.

Contact Coinmetro by social networks

Another way to contact Quotex support is Social Media. So if you have:

You can send message in Twitter, lnstagram, Facebook, Youtube. You can ask common questions in Social networks.
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