How to Deposit/Withdraw GBP on Coinmetro

How to Deposit/Withdraw GBP on Coinmetro

Deposit GBP (Great British Pounds) via Bank Transfer on Coinmetro

Step 1: Visit the Coinmetro homepage, click on the profile icon in the upper right corner and choose on the [Deposit] button.
How to Deposit/Withdraw GBP on Coinmetro
Step 2: Next, pick "GBP - Pound Sterling (UK Faster Payments)" from the drop-down selection.
How to Deposit/Withdraw GBP on Coinmetro
Step 3: Add your sort code and the account number you will be transferring your money from so that our finance staff can quickly link your deposit to your account.

Following the entry of your bank information, click Continue to view Coinmetros banking information. You must transfer money from your online banking or banking app to these addresses, making sure to provide your name in the reference/description area.
How to Deposit/Withdraw GBP on Coinmetro

Withdraw GBP (Great British Pounds) on Coinmetro

Step 1: To begin, you must first go to your Coinmetro Dashboard and select Withdraw.
How to Deposit/Withdraw GBP on Coinmetro
Step 2: From the dropdown menu, search for GBP

From the selection, choose GBP - Pound Sterling (Faster Payments). You will not be able to choose this option if you do not  have any GBP accessible in your Coinmetro account.
How to Deposit/Withdraw GBP on Coinmetro
Step 3: Enter your Sort Code and Account Number
How to Deposit/Withdraw GBP on Coinmetro
Step 4:
You now also have the option to leave a Reference Note when making a withdrawal.
How to Deposit/Withdraw GBP on Coinmetro
Step 5: Enter the withdrawal Amount

After that, you must input the amount you wish to withdraw. You can manually enter the sum you want to get in the Amount field. As an alternative, you can just click on Min/Max or click and slide the toggle to the desired percentage.
How to Deposit/Withdraw GBP on Coinmetro
Step 6: Confirm your details

Click Continue after making sure all the information is accurate. After that, you will be taken to a summary of your transaction, where you may once more review the fees and the amount you will be getting and Confirm that it is accurate.
How to Deposit/Withdraw GBP on Coinmetro
Your request for a withdrawal will be approved once it has been verified. The only thing left to do is wait for your money to come with you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Deposit/Withdraw GBP on Coinmetro

 How long does it take?

GBP deposits are usually quite fast, although sometimes it can take up to one working day for the funds to reach us. We kindly ask you to please allow one full working day (not including weekends) for the funds to arrive in your Coinmetro account. Banking cut-off times, weekends and holidays can affect how long it takes for funds to reach us from your bank.

To ensure your GBP Faster Payments deposit arrives within the above-indicated time frame, please ensure that your sort code and account number have been added on the deposit form on your Coinmetro account, and please ensure the transaction reference includes your full name. This will allow our Finance team to assign your deposit to your account without delays.

What are the fees?

Coinmetro charges a flat fee of 1 GBP for a UK Faster Payment deposit; however, we advise you to confirm with your bank about any charges on their end.

Can I send funds from a third party?

No, Coinmetro does not allow third-party deposits. Only send funds from a bank account in the same name as your Coinmetro account. Payments from third parties will be returned to you at your expense.

Where can I send the funds?

Funds can only be sent to a bank account in your own name that’s connected to the Faster Payments Network. Kindly be informed that the SWIFT transfers are not currently supported by GBP.

What if my funds havent arrived within the specified timeframe?

If your funds haven’t arrived within one working day of being completed, please contact your bank to see if they are able to locate the funds. Likely they would ask you for the following details:

  • your account details and account name;

  • the date of transfer, amount, and currency;

  • Coinmetros bank details where funds were sent from.

Should they not be able to locate the funds, please let us know and our Finance team can investigate.

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