How to Login to Coinmetro

How to Login to Coinmetro

How to Login to your Coinmetro account [PC]

1. Visit the Coinmetro homepage and select [Log In] from the top right corner.
How to Login to Coinmetro
2. Click [Login] after providing your registered [Email Address]  and [Password].
How to Login to Coinmetro
3. We have finished with the login.
How to Login to Coinmetro

Login to Coinmetro Using Facebook

You also have the choice to sign into your Coinmetro account via Facebook on the web. The only thing you have to do is:

1. Go to the Coinmetro mainpage, and select [Log In] from the top right corner. 
How to Login to Coinmetro2. Click on the Facebook button.
How to Login to Coinmetro3. The Facebook login window will be opened, where you will need to enter the [Email Address] you used to log in on Facebook.

4. Enter the [Password] from your Facebook account.

5. Click on “Log In”.

How to Login to CoinmetroCoinmetro is asking access to the following once you have clicked the "Log in" button: the name, avatar, and email address you use on the profile. Click Continue under the name...
How to Login to CoinmetroImmediately after, you will be directed to the Coinmetro platform.

Login to Coinmetro Using Gmail

Actually, it is pretty simple to log into your Coinmetro account through Web by Gmail too. You must take the following actions if you want to do it:

1. Firstly, visit the Coinmetro homepage and click [Log In] in the top right corner.
How to Login to Coinmetro2. Click on the Google button.
How to Login to Coinmetro3. A window to sign into your Google account will open, input your Gmail address there and then click "Next."
How to Login to Coinmetro
4. Then enter the password for your Gmail account and click “Next”.
How to Login to CoinmetroIf you adhere to the instructions the service sends to your Gmail account following that, you will be brought straight to the Coinmetro platform.

How to Login to your Coinmetro Account [Mobile]

Login to your Coinmetro account via Coinmetro App

1. Open the Coinmetro App [Coinmetro App IOS] or [Coinmetro App Android] you downloaded. Then, enter [Email Address][Password] you have registered at Coinmetro, and click on [Log In] button.

How to Login to Coinmetro2. Set up your PIN code. 
How to Login to Coinmetro3. Repeat your PIN.  How to Login to Coinmetro4. If you want to confirm your identification, click [Verify], else, choose [Skip For Now] to move on.
How to Login to Coinmetro5. We have completed the login process.
How to Login to Coinmetro

Login to your Coinmetro Account via Mobile Web 

1. Go to the Coinmetro homepage on your phone, and select [Log In]  from the menu.
How to Login to Coinmetro
2.  Enter [Your Email Address], enter [Your Password] and click on [Log In].

How to Login to Coinmetro3. The login procedure is now over.
 How to Login to Coinmetro

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Login

Why I Receive Unknown Log In Notification Email?

Unknown Sign-in Notification is a safeguard measure for account security. In order to protect your account security, Coinmetro will send you an [Unknown Sign-in Notification] email when you login on a new device, in a new location, or from a new IP address.

Please double check whether the sign-in IP address and location in the [Unknown Sign-in Notification] email is yours:
If yes, please ignore the email.
If not, please reset the log-in password or disable your account and submit a ticket immediately to avoid unnecessary asset loss.

Why is Coinmetro not working properly on my mobile browser?

At times, you may experience some issues using Coinmetro on a mobile browser such as taking a long time to load, the browser app crashing, or not loading at all.

Here are some troubleshooting steps that may be helpful for you, depending on the browser you are using:

For Mobile Browsers on iOS (iPhone)

  1. Open your phone Settings

  2. Click on iPhone Storage

  3. Find the relevant browser

  4. Click on Website Data Remove All Website Data

  5. Open the Browser app, head to, and try again.

For Mobile Browsers on Android Mobile Devices (Samsung, Huawei, Google Pixel, etc.)

  1. Go to Settings Device Care

  2. Click Optimise now. Once complete, tap Done.

Should the above method fail, please try the following:

  1. Go to Settings Apps

  2. Select the relevant Browser App Storage

  3. Click on Clear Cache

  4. Re-open the Browser, login and try again.

How to reset your password?

Should you have forgotten your password, or if you are experiencing issues with your login credentials, please try the password recovery tool on the Login page.

You will find it under the Email and Password fields. Please select Forgot password?.
How to Login to CoinmetroYou will then be required to enter the email address associated with your Coinmetro account and complete the reCAPTCHA. Select Send Email, then please follow the instructions provided in the email to reset your password.

Should you have any questions, or you still experience issues with the login, please feel free to contact our 24/7 live chat support, or email us at [email protected].

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